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‘Breaking Our Silence’ exhibition by #bukansalahkamek

Sarawak Women for Women Society, Press Release 

Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) is calling for members of the public to support the anti-sexual harassment & violence campaign ‘#bukansalahkamek’ (it’s not my fault).

The #bukansalahkamek’ awareness campaign was inspired by the global #metoo movement, then adapted to our local Sarawakian community.

Since the initial range of activities in 2019, the campaign moved online during the pandemic but now with the opening of the exhibition, the public can once again see in person how pervasive this problem is and its impact on people here in Sarawak.

The exhibition gives a voice to the people who have experienced abuse in a range of different settings including childcare/toddler play areas; schools; workplaces and bedrooms. It is SWWS’s hope that after reading the reality of people in our community have endured, more Sarawakians will play their part to bring about the changes needed so everyone can be safe.

“Sexual harassment and gender based violence should not be tolerated anywhere”, stated Kim Tan, the coordinator of the campaign. “Keeping quiet sustains a culture that ignores acts of sexual violence and emboldens the perpetrators. That’s why our campaign wants to break the silence, stimulate discussion and encourage action to stop abuse.”

“Everyone can play their part. By opening our eyes and ears to people’s experiences, how we respond to people who have been abused can change. We can show more empathy; avoid words and behaviour which hurt but rather give support.”

Further steps include calling out those who made light of such serious misbehaviour or worse still harass or are violent. Every place should be safe! Which is why SWWS is calling for a more comprehensive anti-sexual harassment Bill. All are welcome to come and pledge their support at the free exhibition being held from March 13th – April 16th in conjunction with International Women’s Day on the 1st Floor of La Promenade Mall. For more details, please contact 011-3659 3445 and follow our online awareness and advocacy at www.bukansalahkamek.my or @bukansalahkamek on IG.