Empowering women talks to be launched this month

  • The Borneo Post
  • 12 Sept 2015

KUCHING: A series of seminars will be launched this month by the Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) titled ‘Women Calling for Change’.

Its president Margaret Bedus explained that the series aims to give more attention to issues affecting women’s daily lives.

The first topic will focus on women in the workforce, especially those struggling to find work with reasonable pay.

“There are many women out there struggling to make ends meet and care for family members yet so many of them have to work long hours and still take home very little.

“Some even need to work part-time and many still face discrimination when seeking a promotion,” she said in a press release.

Each forum will bring together a diverse panel of speakers for a dialogue with the public. The speakers will give their views on the topic and then open the floor to questions and ideas.

“All are welcome to attend and share their views, including those entering the job market who are finding it hard to find a job which matches their experience and qualifications.

“We hope the forum will be a chance for women to raise their concerns and thoughts on what is needed. It will also be a chance to learn more about the issues and what is planned to ease the situation and women’s rights.” added organising chairperson Ann Teo.

“Future topics will discuss abuse and help when relationships break down. We also encourage women to tell us what topics they would like us to cover next year.” she added.

The first forum on ‘Women, Jobs and Low Pay’ will be held on Sept 26 from 2pm to 4.30pm at the Upper Baruk Room, Islamic Information Centre at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee.

Registration opens at 1.30pm. Admission is free of charge but people wishing to attend are asked to confirm their attendance in advance.

Those interested to attend any forum in the series should contact SWWS at sarswws@gmail.com or call 082-416053 or 013-8044285.

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