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Training on the Empowerment Approach to Helping Women

Sarawak Women for Women Society, Press Release - 26 October 2017

Women are still disadvantaged despite advances made according to Margaret Bedus, President of Sarawak Women for Women Society.  “If you doubt this,” said Margaret, ”look at the cases of poverty amongst single mothers; reports of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse that fill the newspapers as well as the plight of teenagers who are pregnant.”

Effective ways of helping women therefore need to address such disadvantage at the same time as giving women knowledge and support so they are empowered.  For this reason, SWWS provides both a direct service to women – mainly through its crisis phone line – and speaks out on problems.  However, more members are needed to do this work.

With the help of Jabatan Wanita dan Keluarga Sarawak (JWKS), SWWS is therefore holding a series of training days to skill women wishing to join the society. Places are also being extended to relevant NGOs and members of JWKS.

The first stage of training is entitled Tackling gender inequality, discrimination and abuse and will help participants know more on women’s rights locally and internationally and the importance of empowering women to overcome different forms of abuse.  It will be held on November 11th 2017.

For those who wish to volunteer to directly help women, a second stage of training will be held introducing participants to the basic skills required of a para-counsellor/ befriender. This will be held on November 18th & 19th 2017.   Later a third stage will be held discussing specific types of problems and developing skills on how to enable those encountering such difficulties.

To  register call or SMS your name and particulars to  013 804 4285 (office hours) or email info@sarswws.org. More details on SWWS and the operating hours of the Crisis Phone Line can be found on SWWS website http://sarswws.org/