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Have you ever seen someone act in a way of degrading or abusive towards women? Be it in the form of a joke, put down, or physical or sexual assault. In these moments, people often feel that their only choices are to say nothing and look the other way.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s rebuttal to Ted Yoho should be studied for its measured cadence, its artful construction, and its refusal of ugliness, David Remnick writes. https://t.co/U1EpZnPdhH

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment! Just because you are hiding behind a username and a keyboard does NOT make it okay. Our laws must protect against harassment and stalking. #MakeStalkingACrime #SayNoToStalking
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Baby hatches are not the issue; the lack of sex education and access to contraceptive options are. The issue of baby dumping can be combatted with improved education and the removal of social stigmas surrounding contraception and abortion. #AWAMsays https://t.co/823MK9Zz1p

Why are we still blaming rape survivors in 2020 when:
- Women who are covered head to two are still raped
- Young toddlers have been raped
- Men are raped
- Religion has not stopped people from being sexual predators or rapists

By #victimblaming, we r perpetuating #rapeculture

Malaysian women go on Twitter to report sexual harassment

"...in the absence of a sexual harassment legislation...many victims are afraid to speak up for fear of having to face their assailants or, worse, not being believed or instead of being shamed" https://t.co/3QzyouHz4e

Recently, there have been many survivors who have shared personal accounts of #SexualHarassment.

Brave survivors, we are here for you. We hear you. You are not alone in this. Call us at 016-231-4221 or email us at telenita@awam.org.my.


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