Remember our campaign #bukansalahkamek from 2019? We have more events lined up for 2020. Make sure to give us a follow on IG @bukansalahkamek for more details in the coming months.

WAO would like to thank our frontliners for their commitment in ensuring that we all can to live in a #SafeCommunity. The police continues to perform rescues during the MCO and assist survivors of domestic violence in their time of need. https://t.co/7mcx2r6lrH

We want more movies that represent REAL women, their stories, their struggles, their issues - not 'reel' stories that seem to be increasingly out of touch with the lives of women.

Where are women's voices in local films?


Stalking is a tactic that violent partners use to control and instil fear in their partners.

Given the dangers of stalking, we urgently need anti-stalking laws.


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