Was in Kuching last month (with @womensaidorg) for a dialogue with Sarawak NGOs, state govt & govt agencies- to discuss how to improve domestic violence response.

Learnt abt Sarawak's innovative initiative called Randau Pembangunan Sosial. Tx SWWS & the state govt for having us.


Consent cannot be assumed by virtue of a biological response.

Rape is rape - even when the survivor is male.

Equal protection for all survivors of rape: https://t.co/WnGAiTTixy


How effective are the current laws in addressing #SexualHarassment?

What gaps in the current laws will the upcoming Sexual Harassment Bill address?

Join the session today to find out.

#16DaysOfActivism https://t.co/E10CSqsQLA

Quoted from Hasnah Hussin in Episode 1 of Invisible Malaysia. Watch the full episode on YouTube, or listen to it on Anchor, Spotify and Google Podcasts to learn more about Hasnah's story.

#SexualHarassment is not bashing men (after all, men are also victims of harassment) - so why do most people get so defensive about it?

The answer: Patriarchy

From young, we have been taught and re-taught to act, be and reaffirm patriarchy.

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And for Sarawak:

Sarawak Women for Women Society @sarawakwomen , our Crisis Phone Line is 082422660 (see times at our website https://t.co/OfP5BjtvsU, because we are short handed with few resources)

Or to the State Women and Family Department (JWKS) Helpline 082448866. https://t.co/DCPRvLUmgi

Doing a smol promo here for @sarawakwomen. Come join the #bukansalahkamek exhibition at the Old Courthouse (Block E) Kuching! We’re sharing the exhibition hall with Story Kuching and the Mental Health Association of Sarawak 🌻Details in this thread:


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