Share your poetry, illustrations, photographs or other creative expressions regarding sexual harassment with us! #bukansalahkamek

Email to For more info, check out our IG page @sarawakwomen

HAPPENING: EXHIBITION on #bukansalahkamek : Stop Sexual Violence Campaign

When: 12th-20th OCTOBER
Time: 11am-2pm || 4pm-9pm (Mon-Thurs),
8am-9pm (Fri-Sun)

Visit us @ Block E, Old Courthouse, Kuching in conjuction with #whataboutkuching #WAK2019

See you there!#sarawakwomen

We invite you to share your stories as its time to #speakup. Write in your stories to Lets break the silence on sexual violence and to create a safe space for our survivors in this community #bukansalahkamek #stopsexualviolence

Our government must demonstrate leadership by unequivocally embracing the concept of equality and respect for the human rights of all.

Your life matters.
Practice safe sex, always.

One condom makes a difference - for your health and the health of your partner.

Live update: #bukansalahkamek free stickers for today's filmscreening. Be sure to get yours at the registration counter!!

Happy friday everyone! Do check out our Instagram page @sarawakwomen. Also we will be scouting for stories of survivors of sexual violence as its time to #speakup! More on this soon. Stay tune for more updates.

Don't forget! It's happening tomorrow! It's not too late to register! Spread the words #bukansalahkamek #stopsexualviolence #swws #metoo #nomeansno

The woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner while she was unconscious in 2015 has come forward publicly for the first time. Her name is Chanel Miller, and she's telling her story.

For as long as those in government prefer to bicker about their political careers and continue to drag their feet in addressing these issues, millions of children in Malaysia remain exposed to these vulnerabilities which infringe upon their rights.

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