Breaking the silence on sexual violence in Sarawak.

#bukansalahkamek is part of the Stop Sexual Violence Campaign.

There are many lived realities of women who face sexual violence such as child sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, cyber grooming, blackmail and stalking

We aim to build awareness on the seriousness of sexual violence as a social issue in Sarawak and how we need to further educate children, students and the general public on ways they can contribute towards creating a safer community for all. This includes identifying its various forms; changing attitudes and social norms which contribute to the violence or those affected receiving help; and promoting respectful behavior to each other. Only by discussing sexual violence will its various forms….

Part of our #bukansalahkamek campaign also includes outreach programmes to adults and educators, and also to children about Child Safety Awareness. We educate parents and teachers about ways to identify children that may have encountered abuse, proper reporting procedures as well as helping survivors deal with trauma. This is a vital part to the programme as parents and teachers/counsellors are usually first person in contact with these children, therefore providing them with this knowledge is key in raising awareness of sexual violence in their community. Other than that, we also educate children on safe and unsafe touches, proper labelling of their body parts, how to identify their emotions and so much more!

Lets break the silence on sexual violence and to create a safe space for our survivors in this community!

Official Press Release for this campaign is at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WUFYuEO5zCdtCAjT4VCpKAWHoHI6FZWpHvEjRJzYUeM/edit?usp=sharing

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