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Women's Crisis Phoneline

We listen. Reach out to us for help. Call us at 082-422660.

Drop-In Centre

Provide information for women from rural areas on jobs in town, help in adapting to their new lifestyle. Women could take part in educational programmes, skill building sessions and social activities.

One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC)

Coordinate for the service of OSCC which located at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department of Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching.

Be the change that you wish to see. Join us now in empowering women rights.

Recent News / Updates

SWWS’ Manifesto for the Well-being of Women

(i) Safety for Abused Women (ii) Increasing Awareness & Apt Action (iii) Review services to rural women (iv) Tackle new forms of abuse (v) Empower the young (vi) End discrimination (vii) Stop sexual harassment & exploitation (viii) Sustained support for survivors of abuse (ix) Increase work opportunities Visit our Facebook for more updates.

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Press: Help fight menace, parents urged

PETALING JAYA: Legislation needs to go hand-in-hand with parental responsibility, say NGOs and welfare organisations in response to R.AGE’s documentary highlighting the sexual exploitation of children online. The documentary, Predator In My Phone, was launched yesterday and is part of a campaign pushing for anti-grooming laws to combat cyber abuse. “Children are now vulnerable online

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R.AGE calls for the need for Anti-Grooming Laws

R.AGE and Unicef is calling for laws that would make it a crime for an adult to intentionally engage a child online with the aim of sexually exploiting them – even when no physical meeting or abuse has taken place. We hope such laws will deter paedophiles and sex predators, and enable the police to

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Press: Time to zero in on groomers

THE existence of our very own paedophiles online as reported in local media sent shivers down the spines of people, especially parents in this country. While British paedophile Richard Huckle is now behind bars in the UK, local child protection NGOs and the media have revealed disturbing realities – there are local paedophiles walking free

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Press: Why still no amendment to definition of rape — PKR Women

KUCHING: The Ministry of Welfare, Women and Community Wellbeing’s winding-up speech falls short of updating the public on the status of the admendment to the definition of rape. National PKR women vice chief Voon Shiak Ni said the public outcry and call for the admendment of the definition of ‘Rape’ was made following the acquittal

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SWWS: Prioritise protecting children from sexual abuse

Malaysians are shocked by the prolific abuse of children in Malaysia by Richard Huckle and ask why he was not detected sooner. In the Sarawak Women for Women Society’s (SWWS) view, part of the answer is that despite child sexual abuse regularly hitting the headlines, it is given low priority and consequently awareness is lacking.

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Better coordination among centres, NGOs, shelters urged

KUCHING: The State Women and Family Council wants better coordination between the One-Stop Crisis Centres, non-governmental organisations such as Sarawak Women for Women Society and the gazetted shelters or safe houses for victims of domestic violence or rape. “We need to look into better coordination, better traffic flow and working relationship that would benefit women,”

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SWWS: Freeing women from abuse

Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) dreams of the day when women and girls are free from abuse in all its forms. Although there has been progress since the passing of the Domestic Violence Act and the Child Act there is still a long way to go. At its recent forum ‘Abuse: Old Issues –

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Empowering Women Talks

KUCHING: A series of seminars will be launched this month by the Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) titled ‘Women Calling for Change’. Its president Margaret Bedus explained that the series aims to give more attention to issues affecting women’s daily lives. The first topic will focus on women in the workforce, especially those struggling

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SWWS: What can be done about rocky relationships?

Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) recently held a forum entitled ‘When Relationships Go Sour’ to highlight common problems and consider what changes are needed. Avoid marrying too young, stay in school A very glaring problem in the state was the high number of early marriages as these unions often led to early divorce. Dr

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SWWS gets Suhakam award for defending rights

KUCHING: The Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS) has become the first recipient from the state to win an award from the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam). SWWS received the award in the organisation category for its work in promoting and defending the rights of women and children in Sarawak, especially those who have

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